Jul. 24th, 2010

onestepforward: ATLA; Ty Lee & Mai ({Want to be your love for real})
Rearranging bookshelves.
writing thank-you notes
programming the dvr
-people trying to help you when you don't need help
arguing over toothpaste brands
Previous user of shower used all the hot water.
filling out a Census form
Taking the pet to the vet
new house. new washing machine. same old sock monster
hosting international guests (friends-of-family/friends)
Window-shopping on Etsy.
Walk around a baby someone left on the pedestrian overpass with a begging cup beside it
Searching for enough loose change to buy a soda/latte/etc.
Making tortillas
Trying to find your way around campus in time for your first class and getting completely lost.
walking the dog (and picking up poop)
stuck at the central travel location [airport/bus stop/train station/etc.]
bedtime routine
boiling corn
Doing homework
Beer run
walking in the park


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