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Sanctuary Anonymous Kink Meme - so far I've been having fun just scrolling through the pages of prompts alternating between making happy clapping motions like a seal and staring at the screen in shock; I'm thinking about trying to fill a few prompts in the next couple of days (though I have no idea how kinky they'll end up being). The reactions I've seen so far on LJ/Tumblr (I have not actually seen the reactions on Twitter, though I've heard they exist?) are quite possibly more entertaining than any of the fanworks produced from the meme could be (though admit it, it's actually really fun finding prompts you'd never thought you'd see - good or bad).

Snatched from dharmavati:
Give me
a) two pairings and/or
b) two characters
and I’ll tell you which I love best of the two. I might even tell you why (okay, I'll probably tell you why).
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