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Date: 2010-10-02 07:21 pm (UTC)
ranrata: (undercovers-samsteven)
From: [personal profile] ranrata
Name: Ranrata
Age: 21
Location: Philadelphia
Friending policy: This is my fandom journal, so I prefer to friend other journals with a lot of fandom content. Otherwise, there's [personal profile] sonjadenise for the other parts of my life.
Websites: All in terrible shape until the New Year...instead, here's my Tumblr.

Favorite character(s): I love everyone equally right now!
Favorite scene(s): I'm still cracking up over the whole "do sex" exchange between Leo and Steven.
Favorite quote(s): Yeah, I'm the dork who giggles every time they say "sexpionage."
Celebs: I'll watch anything that has Anne Dudek, Robert Sean Leonard, or Ellen Page in it.
Fandoms: House (no longer watching, but still writing), Dollhouse, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Grey's Anatomy, Nurse Jackie
Music: Utada Hikaru, Ani DiFranco, GO!GO!7188, globe (earlier stuff mainly), Luxuslärm, Silbermond, Noe Venable, Sara Bareilles, Kim Yoon-Ah, Shena Ringo...I'll stop now.

Anything else: I didn't expect I'd be so obsessed with this show--how did that happen!?
Party!: in the back, business in the front.

Date: 2010-10-02 08:21 pm (UTC)
lunarwolfik: (LV - OTP)
From: [personal profile] lunarwolfik
Name: [personal profile] lunarwolfik
Age: 22
Location: USA (although I long to move to England)
Friending policy: I don't really have one, any and all are welcome, though to be fair my journal is mostly full of fannish squee. It is fun to squee with others about things that are awesome
Websites: N/A because I am a lazy lazy person.

Favorite character(s): Samantha! She is so very badass and I like her sexpionage. However, I also really like Steven and Leo is kindof a dorkface, but a fun dorkface.
Favorite scene(s): Their dance scene was pretty cute and awesome, but I also really like the scene where Steven spills coffee everywhere.
Favorite quote(s): As [personal profile] ranrata said, sexpionage quotes are always giggle-worthy.
Celebs: Katee Sackhoff, Eliza Dushku (I will watch anything of hers, true facts. She like my kryptonite), Jared Padalecki
Fandoms: Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Merlin are my top ones right now. But I also adore Dollhouse, Firefly, Defying Gravity, Alias, and Top Chef (if that counts as a fandom?)
Music: I haven't been into the music scene as much as I used to be, but I'm a sucker for rock music. Any and all rock music really.

Anything else: I'm so glad there is some Undercovers love out there! :D
Party!: *puts on party hat*

Date: 2010-10-06 08:03 pm (UTC)
lunarwolfik: (Avatar - Stealth Appa)
From: [personal profile] lunarwolfik
Yay Leverage love! :D (They are my OTP/OT3 with Eliot)

Definitely! *adds*

Date: 2010-10-03 04:33 am (UTC)
beth_soprano: ([ATLA] Gang)
From: [personal profile] beth_soprano
Name: Beth | [personal profile] beth_soprano
Age: 17
Location: US
Friending policy: None really. I mostly post f-locked posts.
Websites: Graphics; Tumblr.

Favorite character(s): Samantha & Steven. (And everyone else too!)
Favorite scene(s): I love the scenes at their catering business.
Celebs: Gina Torres, Amanda Tapping, Aldis Hodge, Angel Coulby, Summer Glau, Agam Darshi, Rachel Luttrell, Jim Parsons, Archie Panjabi.
Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender, Being Human, Community, Doctor Who, Firefly, Fringe, Gilmore Girls, Leverage, Merlin, Sanctuary, Star Trek, Stargate (SG-1 & Atlantis), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Good Wife, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, The Vampire Diaries, The X-Files, Undercovers, Whip It.
Music: Sia, Regina Spektor, Lady Gaga, KT Tunstall, Brandi Carlile, Florence & The Machine, etc.

Anything else: Hi!

Date: 2010-10-04 04:29 am (UTC)
beth_soprano: ([Who] Eleven)
From: [personal profile] beth_soprano

Date: 2010-10-05 06:06 pm (UTC)
lunarwolfik: (DW - Doctor&Amy - Boop!)
From: [personal profile] lunarwolfik
I second the hearting of the gif. Plus, your celeb picks are made of awesome! And your shows are even more awesome! :D

Adding if you don't mind?

Date: 2010-10-05 10:52 pm (UTC)
beth_soprano: ([Who] Amy & Eleven & Vincent)
From: [personal profile] beth_soprano
Sure, adding you back! :)

Date: 2010-10-03 08:53 am (UTC)
svgurl: (smallville: clark s6 promo)
From: [personal profile] svgurl
Name: svgurl
Age: 23
Location: California
Friending policy: don't really have one. as long as we have stuff in common, that's all that matters. I'd also prefer people be at least 16.
Websites: I'm svgurl on LJ too and svgurl410 on twitter

Favorite character(s): everyone! I can't pick. But I do have a special love for Hoyt
Favorite scene(s): The talk about the sexpionage and the 'do sex' one. I love every scene Hoyt is in. HIs mancrush on Stephen brings me lots of laughs.
Favorite quote(s): Has to be the sexpionage and how Hoyt was saying that Samantha is really good at it.
Celebs: Shahrukh Khan, Tom Welling, Justin Hartley, Christian Bale, Leonardo DiCarprio, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pine, James Franco, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Erica Durance, Anne Hathaway, Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Sophia Bush
Fandoms: Smallville (main one), Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes, DCU, Harry Potter, Inception, Gilmore Girls
Music: Lifehouse, Daughtry, Evanescence, Leona Lewis, Switchfoot, The Fray, OneRepublic, Paramore, Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, Finger Eleven, Matchbox Twenty, Shinedown, The Script

Anything else: nope!
Party!: Awesome! *brings out the noise makers*

Date: 2010-10-03 12:31 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] lilmoka
Name: Mok.
Age: 20.
Location: Italy.
Friending policy: I love new friends! Add me and I'll add you :D
Websites: Nope, too lazy XD

Favorite character(s): Sam ♥♥♥ I love the others too, but Samantha is awesome!
Favorite scene(s): Too lazy to make love, OMG, so precious!
Favorite quote(s): "Do you even hear yourself talk?" "It's one of my favorite sounds"
Celebs: Adam Lambert, Colin Farrell, Hugh Jackman, Vin Diesel, Ewan McGregor, Robert Downey Jr...
Fandoms: NCIS, NCIS: LA, Criminal Minds, White Collar, Harry Potter, Supernatural, Numb3rs, RPF, Lost Girl, Naruto, Yamane Ayano's Viewfinder series, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Host Club, Fruits Basket, Oz, etc.
Music: Adam Lambert, Scissor Sisters, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, My Chemical Romance, Train, Rascal Flatts, Staind, Lady Antebellum, Janelle Monae, Christina Aguilera and more.

Anything else: I'M EXCITE! \O/

Date: 2010-10-04 11:24 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] lilmoka
Adding you right back! ;)

Date: 2010-10-04 05:58 am (UTC)
timeasmymeasure: kerry washington with a rose held right below her lips (sam: look)
From: [personal profile] timeasmymeasure
Name: Robyn
Age: 20
Location: US
Friending policy: If you don't mind randomness, you should be fine :)
Websites: Tumblr

Favorite character(s): Sam Bloom for the ultimate rocket launching win!
Favorite scene(s): Sam managing her boys and establishing that, oh yes, she's the one who's really in charge.
Favorite quote(s): Do sex!
Celebs: none really, though at the moment Boris and Gugu are on my radar
Fandoms: Merlin, HP, White Collar, Leverage, Castle, and currently Undercovers =D
Music: All of it! Alright, maybe not heavy metal?

Anything else: Samantha Bloom for world emperor?

(gif from lungful)
Party!: Will it involve sexpionage?

Date: 2010-10-05 07:15 pm (UTC)
lunarwolfik: (Buffy - Smiley Buffy)
From: [personal profile] lunarwolfik
Samantha Bloom for world emperor?


She could get a very cool crown and kick butt on her off time. She could even have her own cadre of spies who are awesome!

Date: 2010-10-06 04:31 am (UTC)
timeasmymeasure: kerry washington with a rose held right below her lips (sam: look)
From: [personal profile] timeasmymeasure
The world would be a better place, truly.

Date: 2010-10-06 04:45 am (UTC)
timeasmymeasure: girl with gorgeous afro looking down with a small smile (stock: afro smiles)
From: [personal profile] timeasmymeasure
Of course!


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